Renderings of the Vertical Recycler Scraper Design

as of 6/26/01

This page focuses on the design of the Vertical Recycler Scraper. As of 6/26/01, the solid modeling is almost complete. After discussion with Dave McDowell it was determined that using linear pots would be simpler than LVDTs, so the LVDTs will be eliminated and pots put in.

One of the main things I would like people to look at is the simplicity (crudeness) of the unistrut ceiling hanger. It would not be difficult to put a few more pieces in that would make alignment easier. This can be done later after the 2D shop drawings for the scraper are further in process because adding a layer of alignment will not change anything about the scraper itself.

This scraper weighs about 150 lbs, not including any unistrut. The topmost component of the counterweight for the upper jaw comes within about a 1/2 inch from the ceiling. Most of the drive components are "recycled" from the PBar scraper designs.

Click on the thumbnails to get an expanded image. You are welcome to download any of the images. If they are used for other than private viewing, credit to Bartoszek Engineering would be appreciated.

Vertical Scrapers: An overview

This picture shows a view in the MI tunnel looking straight down the elliptical beam pipe. The full height of the tunnel is modeled, but not the full width. The man is six feet tall for scale.

A rotated view from a distance.

A closer view with perspective turned on. The length of the horizontal double unistrut beams is 48 inches, but this was chosen arbitrarily. A couple of more pieces are needed to guarantee rigidity in all directions.

This close-up clearly shows the counterweight for the upper jaw. The jaw weighs about 11 lbs and the vacuum force is also about 11 lbs. Including the spring force from the bellows, the counterweight weighs about 23 lbs.

This is a view of the scraper as if you were standing between the wall of the MI tunnel and the scraper, to get a better look at the drive components and readback. The linear pots will go in the same place as the LVDTs, with whatever new mounting they need. Everything on the scraper that bolts across the vacuum vessel is designed to be anchored on one side and have slots that allow for differential thermal expansion during bake-outs.

Another close-up from the same side showing the connection between the counterweight cable and the upper scraper jaw.

This is a picture of the counterweight module as it would look on the bench during assembly. It can be the last part installed on the scraper.

This is the simple unistrut frame and angle brackets needed to connect the scraper to the stand. All of the slotted holes and bolts are not shown yet. To add a couple of plates and threaded rods for horizontal alignment would be trivial. Vertical adjustment can be accomplished by sliding the horizontal double unistrut beams up and down the vertical single struts, or shims or threaded rod can be used.

This is the base plate for the drive mechanism for both jaws. I still need to put the scales and pointers on that were so helpful during assembly and alignment of the PBar scrapers.

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