Renderings of the Recycler Scraper Vacuum Vessels

Updated 6/26/01

Images on this page summarize the design of the Recycler Scraper vacuum vessels.

Click on the thumbnails to get an expanded image. You are welcome to download any of the images. If they are used for other than private viewing, credit to Bartoszek Engineering would be appreciated.

Vertical Scrapers: The design with beryllium copper spring fingers

Redesigned vertical scraper

To make an electrical connection to the scraper block which is close to the elliptical beam pipe we need to mount spring fingers in the vacuum chamber.

Transparent vaccum chamber showing spring fingers

The purple crescents in the picture are spring finger supports which get tack welded into the vacuum chamber. The spring fingers are a standard model used in the P-Bar scrapers and available from Instrument Specialties (now called Laird Industries). The spring fingers get screwed to their supports before the supports are welded into the vacuum chamber. This design creates a path for the image currents on the wall of the beam pipe to go from the elliptical beam pipe to the spring supports, then to the springs, through the blocks, into the springs and supports on the opposite side and finally into the beam pipe on the opposite side.

Better view of spring fingers with transparent supports

This view shows the finger strips mounted to the spring supports. This material comes in long strips that can be sheared off. To avoid potential saftey issues with drilling beryllium copper, we can punch the small holes out that the screws go through. (The screws and holes are not shown in these views yet.)

Side view scraper fully retracted from beam

This picture shows a side view with one block fully retracted. (The other has been hidden for clarity.) When the block is fully retracted it is still in electrical contact with the finger strips.

Block fully covering the beam aperture

This picture shows that the block does not fall off the spring fingers when it is in its fully extended position.

Horizontal Scrapers:

This section is under construction.

The model of the horizontal scraper has been updated to include spring fingers, it just hasn't been rendered yet.

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