The Design of the MuCap Experiment

Bartoszek Engineering developed the design of the MuCap experiment for the University of Illinois during the summer of 2002. The design went very fast as the schedule was amazingly tight and stressful. This page is a compilation of images starting with design renderings, continuing with photos from UIUC, and finally of the assembly at PSI in Switzerland. This design came before the design of the MuLan experiment, and was the basis for much of the MuLan support structure design because the two experiments may both run in the same experimental hall at PSI, and so need common features.

Click on the thumbnails to get an expanded image. You are welcome to download any of the images. If they are used for other than private viewing, credit to Bartoszek Engineering would be appreciated.

Design Renderings of MuCap

The photo at top left shows the cylindrical geometry of MuCap without the target, wire chambers or magnet behind the apparatus. The challenge of MuCap was to support long paddles of scintillator with large wire chambers right inside, and allow the wire chambers to be easily accessed for repairs and maintenance. The top right picture adds in the target and wire chambers, and begins to show the motivation for the rail system that allows the target to be inserted into the scintillator/wire chamber structure. The scintillator support structure is also mounted on rails to allow it to be moved relative to the magnet whose beam pipe partially penetrates it on its downstream side. As you can see in the bottom right picture, the top half of the scintillator structure comes off for ready access to the wire chambers inside.

Photos of the parts ready for shipment at UIUC

An important lesson was learned when we discovered how hard it was to air freight such long steel beams to Europe. The airline almost refused to carry the long beams. This problem was corrected on MuLan by adding bolted flange joints to break the long beams into shorter segments.

Photos from PSI

The apparatus went together well with a few tiny modifications for unseen things. Congratulations MuCap! I wish you the best of luck for your runs at PSI.

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