Photos of the Inner Conductor from the second trip to Pride

These are pictures of the inner conductor (upstream piece 1-2) as of 12/6/00, taken at Pride in Minneapolis. I tried to get an image of the tool chatter mark on the piece we had to reject, but the photo just doesn't have enough detail.

Both upstream pieces 1-2, 113K

The vertical piece is the good one. It went back into the lathe on 12/8/00 to smooth a small sharp lip on the flange at the base of the tube. It should arrive at FNAL on 12/11/00.

Close-up of the transition between the tube and flange, 158K

The area to smooth is inside the weld. (The weld is the lighter colored annulus of the flange.) You can just about make the lip out in this picture.

The turning mandrel, 201K

This piece fills the volume inside the inner conductor and prevents the part from moving or vibrating as it is being cut on the lathe. It also holds the part accurately between centers.

The rejected piece, 157K

This is the piece with a small circumferential cut in the highest stress region of the IC (the "neck"). The cut is too deep to polish out and still satisfy the wall thickness tolerance, and discontinuous around the circumference so there would be many crack initiation sites. Given the burden of fatigue on this part we had to reject it. Unfortunately, the part was finished even though the scratch was there prior to welding.

Close-up of the area with the chatter mark, 160K

I tried to enhance the contrast and brightness of this image to bring out the scratch, but was unable to. I think the scratch is too small, and with too little contrast from the surrounding material for the optics of the disposable camera I used.

Hanging out at the Mall of America, 151K

What can you do after a stressful morning while you're waiting for a flight but hang out at the amazing Mall of America?

The Mighty Axe, 157K

I highly recommend this ride. The seats are on the platform at the top right of the image (shown upside down here). The platform spins around its pivot while the axe handle swings around its pivot. Especially try the front seats near the pivot points where there is no fence in front of you. (I got that tip from the only other passenger, a six or seven year old boy. The rides are especially good when you only have an hour and a half and there's no one there!)

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