Trip to O'Keefe Ceramics on 2/8/01

Danny and I went to O'Keefe in Woodland Park, CO on 2/8/01 to check up on the status of the big ceramic insulating rings. We saw three rings in process and extracted a promise of delivery by 3/1/01.

Click on any of the thumbnails to get an enlarged view.

Two view of the two ceramic rings that had their IDs ground to size. The third one was on the CNC grinder.

Shot of the CNC grinder used to make these rings.

View from above the CNC grinder to get a better look at the ring in process.

In case you were wondering where the Brachiosaurus from the Field Museum ended up, it is now roaming the concourse at O'Hare.

This trailer park is where the seven escaped convicts from a Texas prison were caught recently. This is a rare shot of one of the convicts posing in front of the park shortly before his capture.

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