Photos of the MiniBooNE Outer Conductor Fabrication

These are pictures of the outer conductor fabrication from forging at Scot Forge through CNC machining and welding at Meyer Tool (as of 11/10/00).

Outer conductor after forging, 74K

Outer conductor after forging, 105K

Outer conductor after forging, 104K

Delivered rough-turned part at Meyer Tool, 42K

Another view of rough-turned part at Meyer Tool, 41K

Outer conductor on the CNC getting bolt holes, 47K

I received the next two pictures on 11/3/00

Close-up of the OC getting bolt holes, 47K

The OC with its water ports welded on, 30K

The next two pictures came on 11/10/00

Close-up of a port weldment, 18K

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